This page is about design, photography, and junk metal sculptures.

Exploratorium Installation

I designed a mirror cube that was exhibited at the San Francisco Exploratorium through a collaboration with used two way mirrors, dichroic glass, and light to make a box of shimmering colors that went on forever.

SPARK! Photography Grant

I received a grant to photograph young artists training to be circus performers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The photos were exhibited at Stanford during winter and spring quarter of the 2013-14 academic year.

Sculpture Lab Assistant

I was the Sculpture Lab Assistant for two years at Stanford, where I kept sleep deprived undergrads from sawing their fingers off in the wood shop or plasma torching their limbs in the metal shop. Pictured are some glasses that I made to see the world upside down.

Kinetic Sculpture

I helped build kinetic sound sculptures, including a harp made with guitar strings and played with falling water, for German artist Trimpin's work 'Gurs Zyklus,' which brought to life the work of a man confined in a concentration camp near Trimpin's home town.


I also play the accordion. I'm probably among the top five accordion players you've ever met.

Wave Machine

The "Wave Machine" is a kinetic sculpture based on The Great Wave of Kanagawa. Laser cut and etched 1/4 in. basswood, metal crankshaft, wooden gears.

Design at Stanford

I concentrated in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and was the HCI course advisor my senior year at Stanford. I dabble in web design and product design, but the softest spot in my heart belongs to human centered design thanks to indoctrination by the

Some Design Coursework

  • Design for Extreme Affordability
  • Design for Exploration
  • Introduction to Human Values in Design
  • Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
  • Fundamential Visual Language
  • Kinetic Sculpture