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I've been alive for hours, and this is how I've spent them. This is under construction, so hour counts may be wildly innacurate.

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I studied Symbolic Systems at Stanford University. Symbolic Systems is like Computer Science with more Artifical Intelligence and a better name. Now I work for Google and frustrate myself with data visualization on the side. See more here.


I've been making art since forever. I concentrated in Human Computer Interaction, dabble in hard-core Product Design, and do lots of circus. I also make junk metal sculptures. You can see more art here.

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The graph above is made with d3.js, and was based on a graphic made by Mike Bostock, who is my main hero (along with Amelia Earhart).


Here are some that I like. If you want more, here's a pageful.

Olympics: Londoners ask, 'What crowds?'

LONDON - For the first time in London's history, there aren't enough tourists to go around. Thousands of visitors from all over the world are flooding England's capital for the Summer Olympics, and tourist attractions are...empty.

Olympics: The scandalous, weird and wonderful

LONDON - The values underpinning the games are certainly noble, but on the surface, the Olympics sometimes look like a soap opera — security breeches, social media snafus, and dreams crushed on camera.